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Robersy Sanchez
Department of Biology. Eberly College of Science.
Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802



This is a R package to compute the autimorphisms between pairwise aligned DNA sequences represented as elements from a Genomic Abelian group as described in the paper Genomic Abelian Finite Groups. In a general scenario, whole chromosomes or genomic regions from a population (from any species or close related species) can be algebraically represented as a direct sum of cyclic groups or more specifically Abelian p-groups. Basically, we propose the representation of multiple sequence alignments (MSA) of length N as a finite Abelian group created by the direct sum of homocyclic Abelian group of prime-power order:

   G = (ℤp1α1)n1 ⊕ (ℤp1α2)n2 ⊕ … ⊕ (ℤpkαk)nk

Where, the pi’s are prime numbers, αi ∈ ℕ and ℤpiαi is the group of integer modulo piαi.

For the purpose of automorphism between two aligned DNA sequences, piαi ∈ {5, 26, 53}.


This application is under development. Watch this repo or check for updates.


This package depends, so far, from: Biostrings, GenomicRanges, numbers, and S4Vectors.

Installation of R dependencies:

    if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager")) install.packages("BiocManager")
    BiocManager::install(c("Biostrings", "GenomicRanges", "S4Vectors",
    "BiocParallel", "GenomeInfoDb", "BiocGenerics"))
    install.packages(c("numbers", "devtools", "doParallel", "data.table",
    "foreach","parallel", "dplyr"), 

You can install GenomAutomorphism package from GitHub



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