• Current version
  • Actively used in methylome analysis
  • In development
    • 06-09-20:
      1) Upgrading corresponding to R version 4.0.0.
      - Prevent potential crash originated by changes in some R packages internally used by Methyl-IT.

MethylIT 0.3.2

  • 04-17-20:
    1) A new vignette added:
    - DMR detection with Methyl-IT
  • 03-08-20:
    1) Two new vignette added:
    - Principal Components and Linear Discriminant Analyses with Methyl-IT
    - Association Between Gene Expression and Cytosine DNA Methylation at gene-body
  • 03-23-20:
    1) Update documentation and code style reformatted

New features

  • Improvement of the ‘countTest’ function applied for DMG identification. The new version was named ‘countTest2

  • Added function ‘gofReport’ search for the best fitted model between the set of models requested by the user.

  • The functions using machine-learning algorithms were improved

  • The documentation was notably improved

MethylIT 0.3.1